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Can you email me the tuition prices?

Little Hands International Preschool prides itself on being very competitively priced. Tuition fees vary and are based on the age of the child, the schedule you choose, and any additional enrichments you sign up for. Please go to and sign up for a school tour. Once we tour the facility and discuss your family’s particular needs, you will receive your child’s specific tuition price along with any information on discounts that may apply.

What kind of parent involvement do you have at the school?

Our doors are always open to parents and throughout the year we provide opportunities to join events, volunteering, and participate in parent education workshops. 

How will I know what happens during my child’s time at school?

We use an app "Brightwheel", which is an online childcare software, as a communication tool. Teachers update the app to keep you informed of your child’s day including photos, eating, sleeping, and toileting records where applicable, and daily news. You can also communicate with your child’s teacher and the school office by using the app. Parents are also free to call the school if they have any questions or concerns that are time-sensitive and require immediate attention. You can also manage your tuition payment through the app as well. The priority of the staff is the safety and supervision of the children so any messages sent by the app may not be seen or addressed immediately. Please call the office for immediate support.

What is the teacher-to-child ratio?

As a Texas state-licensed childcare center, we are in compliance with state-mandated classroom ratios. Ratios vary by age. However, as a high-quality school, we have made the intentional decision to have lower ratios than required in each classroom. This choice supports more individualized learning and attention. Once your child is enrolled in a specific classroom, we can discuss what ratios exist with that group and how your child is receiving the best care!

Do you have cameras in the classrooms so that I can see my child throughout the day?

We do have cameras in each classroom; however, they only have a closed-circuit feed. In order to protect the privacy of the children and families, we do not live stream outside of the building which can open videos of the children up to hackers. The administrative team has all-day access to the video feed in order to support teachers, assist in enhanced safety and supervision protocols, and visually check in on students if a parent calls. 

Do you have a code to get into the building?

Yes. The security code will be changed once every few months and/or at the discretion of the School Owner.

What policies do you have in place to address safety?

  • Security code access at the front door

  • Cameras in our classrooms 

  • First-Aid and CPR certified teachers and staff members

  • Routine fire drills and secured safety plans

How often do children go outside during the day?

To follow the State Licensing requirements, our children go outside twice a day, weather permitting. Our school sits on over one acre of land, so children have plenty of space to play, run, and enjoy fun times with their friends. 

Do you offer part time program options?

Yes! To accommodate our families, we offer half-day 5 days, and a full-time 5 days a week schedule option. During month of June, July, and August, we accept student ages 3-5 attending our school on weekly basis. We also offer early morning care and afternoon care schedules to best fit your family’s needs. Please email us at for more information. 

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